Physical Design Framework

Image of Mrak Mall.

Physical Design Framework 

The UC Davis Physical Design Framework (PhDF) describes a vision for creating a physical environment at UC Davis that support the academic mission, enhances personal and environmental health and brings meaning and enjoyment to all who participate in the campus community. The PhDF establishes the criteria the campus will use to judge the success of proposed projects with regard to planning and design. The plan will be used regularly by campus planners, architects and others to guide the effective incorporation of these goals into all projects that modify the built environment. 

Relationship to Other Documents

The 2018 Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) lays out development goals, principles and objectives at a land-use planning scale for the Davis campus through 2027. This framework addresses these same goals, principles and objectives at an intermediate scale that provides more specific direction for site planning, landscape design and architecture. This framework is in turn supported by the system master plans and studies, and architectural and landscape standards included in the Campus Design Standards and in the project programs. All of these planning documents have the common goal of insuring that the campus planning and design goals are ultimately manifested in the projects themselves.