Rendering of UC Davis Campus.
Creating the Campus of Tomorrow

Our office anticipates the campus's future needs and guides its physical development in support of university goals. Together with our community members, we create the campus of tomorrow.

Office of Campus Planning

Making UC Davis a sustainable, vibrant setting now and for future generations.

The University of California, Davis, is a leading public research university and one of the ten campuses within the University of California – one of the most renowned public university systems in the world. The physical campus evolves as facilities are upgraded, buildings are developed and new spaces are created to fully support the university’s academic and research mission. UC Davis, is a place where students, faculty, and staff live, learn and work in an environment that is beautiful and accessible, functional and flexible, and sustainable and resilient.

It is a place that fosters research and innovation, grows the most fertile minds for the next generation of engaged leaders and examines challenging societal issues. The Office of Campus Planning anticipates the campus's future needs and guides its physical development in support of university goals. Together with our community members, we create the campus of tomorrow.

Our Three Core Planning Principles

  1. Support the Academic Enterprise
    Structure the physical environment to support the academic enterprise of UC Davis, a land-grant institution. The fundamental aspects of any land-grant university pertain to education, research and public service, all of which are oriented towards the betterment of the individual, the immediate community and society in general.
  2. Enrich Community Life
    Structure the physical environment to enrich community life on campus. UC Davis promotes a diverse collection of campus programs and services that augment the academic mission and contribute to a strong sense of community. The gracious formal and informal landscapes of campus provide a rich and diverse environment for communities of people to gather and engage with one another.
  3. Create a More Sustainable Future
    Structure the physical environment to create a more sustainable campus and conserve natural and cultural resources for future generations. As a land grant institution UC Davis is committed to the stewardship of natural and cultural resources as well as scholarship and research on sustainability. Several UC policies, the Carbon Neutrality Initiative and the UC Sustainable Practices Policy prioritize investments in more sustainable infrastructure and guide the physical development of campus.