Rendering of Russell Boulevard at Sycamore Lane

Reimagine Russell Boulevard

Safe, beautiful, and sustainable gateway

"Russell Blvd, Where Great Connections Happen"

UC Davis Campus Planning is collaborating with the the City of Davis on Reimagine Russell Boulevard, a transportation planning effort to develop a long-range vision of Russell Boulevard that will better serve the community by accommodating future growth, integrating sustainable design and addressing safety and multi-modal transportation needs. The goal of the project is to use community input to develop an actionable design strategy and develop concepts and guidelines that will will lead to phased construction improvements over time.

Find more on the 'Reimagine Russell Boulevard' website

Why Russell Boulevard?

The need for long-term corridor planning emerged from the 2018 UC Davis Long Range Development Plan, as a way to improve multi-modal functionality of roadways. Russell Boulevard is a major east-west corridor that, on a typical weekday, is trafficked by more than 8,000 cyclists, 20,000 vehicles, and more than 13,000 transit riders.  In addition, the street serves as a gateway between the City of Davis and UC Davis.

Map showing the scope of Reimagine Russell Boulevard
Reimagine Russell Boulevard will include a three mile stretch of the street from County Road 98 to B street and small portion of Howard Way.

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In in order to create a plan that reflects community values, the Reimagine Russell Boulevard team has held two virtual community workshops and hosted a questionnaire to help gather information from people who utilize Russell Boulevard to find out their experiences of and visions for the corridor. Using survey results and insights gained from the initial workshop, held in April 2021, the team has developed draft corridor design concepts. Review a few of these concepts below.

Learn more about the community outreach events held to date, find recordings and review the survey results on the City of Davis' "Reimagine Russell Boulevard" website.

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Renderings of draft concepts

B Street to Miller Drive

Concepts for improving this stretch of Russell Boulevard include raising vehicle and bike lanes at A-Street to make for easier crossing and allocating dedicated space for bikes at B-street to minimize turning conflicts.

Rendering of draft concept for improvements to the intersection of B Street and Russell Boulevard
Intersection at Anderson and La Rue Roads

Draft concepts for the Anderson Road/La Rue Road intersection of Russell Boulevard include repurposing right-turn slip lanes for bike and pedestrian space, modifying lanes to separate vehicle and bike movements (without adding significant traffic delays), and adjusting curbs and driveways for pedestrian safety.

Rendering of draft concepts for improvements at the Anderson Road and La Rue Road intersection of Russell Boulevard


Arthur St. to Arlington Blvd

The concept for stretch of Russell Boulevard west of Highway 113, includes improving and adding pedestrian and bike crossings, expanding the tree canopy, and converting the Arlington Boulevard intersection to a roundabout to decrease conflict points and add space for art and respite.

Rendering of a draft concept for imporvements to the intersection of Arlington Boulevard and Russell Boulevard


Review more draft concepts, webinar recordings and presentations from the community workshops