Rendering of UC Davis Campus.

About the Office of Campus Planning

The Office of Campus Planning (OCP) includes campus planning, urban design, environmental design and landscape architecture. OCP operates between and across the scales of long-range planning and landscape design, guiding the articulation of campus as a thoughtfully composed built environment.

The UC Davis campus is a diverse collection of buildings framed graciously by an expansive landscape. OCP guides the further development of the campus through planning, urban design, environmental design and landscape architecture.

Campus Planning

To support the growth of the university and ensure the campus has the necessary facilities and amenities to remain competitive, the Office of Campus Planning anticipates possible futures and guides the physical development of campus as an intentionally composed built environment that supports university goals for generations to come. The Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) is a principle responsibility for this office.

Urban Design

The Office of Campus Planning shapes the built environment of campus and guides the articulation of the public space network and interconnection between discrete projects. The Physical Design Framework, which describes a vision for creating a physical environment at UC Davis that supports the academic mission, enhances personal and environmental health and brings meaning and enjoyment to all who participate in the campus community, is a principle responsibility for this office.

Environmental Design

The Office of Campus Planning fosters a new, more resilient, environmental design ethos for the campus landscape and facilitates a process to develop a shared vision for the landscape adaptation plan. The Office of Campus Planning authors and guides the strategic implementation of the Living Landscape Adaptation Plan (LLAP), fosters collaborative academic partnerships, integrates environment science and scholarship into campus planning efforts, leverages science to better understand the implications of climate change and ultimately co-creates a more resilient landscape with the campus community.

Landscape Architecture

The Office of Campus Planning composes the campus landscape thoughtfully by responding to the everyday comings and goings of the campus community as well as daily maintenance considerations. Design authority of all campus landscape is its principal responsibility.