Environmental Design

Image of a UC Davis valley oak with the sun setting behind it.

Environmental Design

The Office of Campus Planning is responsible for the planning efforts associated with the development of a new environmental design ethos that responds to climate change and directs campus landscape adaptation plans. We are responsible for understanding the implications of climate change and fostering collaborative academic partnerships to co-create a more resilient campus landscape that is informed by and responds to climate science. This includes the authorship and implementation of the Living Landscape Adaptation Plan (LLAP).

A more resilient landscape leverages season rains by capturing and banking rain water in local soils for tree health.

The main outcomes from the LLAP include:

  • Irrigation adaptation plan
  • Stormwater adaptation plan
  • Urban forest adaptation plan
  • Landscape conversion plan

Staff Responsibilities:

  • Fostering academic partnerships and the integration of environment science and scholarship into campus planning efforts
  • Development of a shared vision for the stewardship of the campus landscape
  • Development and articulation of a new, more resilient, environmental design strategy for the campus landscape
  • Development of a long term landscape management plan and funding plan associated with the new environmental design strategy
  • Long term planning of the campus landscape and the development of a shared vision for a more resilient campus landscape.
  • Integrating storm water management strategies with urban forestry and irrigation adaptation plans

Living Landscape Adaptation Plan (coming soon)