Transportation Planning

Image of bicyclists in front of Shields Library.

Transportation Planning

The Office of Campus Planning is responsible for the development and physical articulation of the campus transportation network to ensure that the built environment fosters more sustainable transportation choices for the campus community.

Historically, UC Davis invested in parking infrastructure to keep pace with the demand for parking spaces. With the potential growth in the campus population as represented in the 2018 Long Range Development Plan, this historical approach poses significant risks, both financially and environmentally. Any investment in parking infrastructure, especially investments that are debt financed over a thirty-year period, are tremendously risky. Why should we own thirty years of debt for a parking structure that could be vacant in ten years?

Rather than invest in costly physical infrastructure that may be obsolete as mobility patterns shift due to emerging technologies like autonomous vehicles, we want to double down on our legacy of sustainable transportation and move towards an even more sustainable future.

Staff responsibilities:
  • Authorship and implementation of plans associated with the campus transportation network
  • Preparation of circulation plans for individual projects that respond to construction access, contractor parking and temporary circulatory plans