Job Opening: Urban Designer

Image of the UC Davis Civic Core.

Job Opening:  Campus Urban Designer

UC Davis is hiring a new campus urban designer
for the main campus in Davis.

Application deadline: January 22, 2019

Job Summary

Under the general direction of the Director of Campus Planning, the Urban Designer is primarily responsible for the physical configuration of campus as a built environment and the stewardship of campus as a welcoming public space network that is navigable and legible to all those who visit. The position contributes towards the authorship of the UC Davis Physical Design Framework (PhDF) and its integration into project planning. The position intervenes across the entire campus, operating between and across the scales of long-range planning and capital improvement projects, striving towards the preservation, enhancement and further development of the campus.

The Urban Designer plans for the long-term viability of campus as an interconnected public space network, imbued with a resilient living landscape and framed graciously by architecture. The Urban Designer is responsible for the Physical Design Framework (PhDF) which guides the location and scale of campus buildings, public space and transportation networks. The position requires coordination across multiple campus departments, is responsible for understanding the implications of climate change for the campus landscape and fostering collaborative partnerships with climate science experts in academic departments to co-create a more resilient campus landscape.

Under the supervision of the Director of Campus Planning, the Urban Designer works in the Office of Campus Planning and closely with the Campus Landscape Architect. The Office of Campus Planning is part of a larger unit — Campus Planning and Environmental Stewardship ((CPES) formerly known as CPCR) — which includes two planning units:  the Office of Environmental Planning and the Office of Sustainability and two programmatic / operational units: Transportation Services  (TS) and the Arboretum and Public Garden ( Arboretum, Putah Creek Riparian Reserve and Grounds and Landscape Services (APG)).  The Urban Designer works closely with all these departments and more.

Breakdown of Essential Responsibilities

Campus Planning 25% :  Responsible for campus planning functions, in particular site suitability analyses and the identification of appropriate project site(s); responsible for the development of design guidelines that identify key spatial relationships and articulate public space in relation to the built form, the transportation network, and other key elements of the campus fabric.

Urban Design 25% :  Lead the Physical Design Framework (PhDF); responsible for the development of urban design concepts that guide the physical articulation of campus as a built environment; develop district / neighborhood plans as well as design guidelines for individual projects; the Urban Designer is responsible for design direction of the built environment and the physical qualities of the built environment as articulated within all Project Planning Guides (PPG) and a Detailed Project Programs (DPP).

Environmental Design 20% :  Responsible for the long-term planning of the campus landscape and the development of a shared vision for a more resilient campus landscape; responsible for the planning efforts associated with the adaptation of campus landscapes and the development of a new paradigm of environmental design that responds to climate change; responsible for the integration of quantitative geospatial analytics into the planning process; responsible for the integration of stormwater management with urban forestry adaptation plans; the position assists with the management of strategic investment and allocation of funds for TS and the APG.

Project Coordination 20% :  Coordinates across campus to ensure that all projects comply with LRDP and PhDF and align with the CPES stewardship mission; responsible for the integration of planning principles and objectives into all Project Briefs, Project Planning Guides (PPG) and Detailed Project Programs (DPP); advocates on behalf of CPES operational units when coordinating projects and collaborating with colleagues.

Community Engagement 10% :  Participates in community engagement associated with the Office of Campus Planning and the development and deployment of collaborative planning efforts that engage the campus community in planning efforts and develop trust with a broad base of community stakeholders; Assists with the development of partnerships that benefit UC Davis and University goals associated with the campus planning.

>> Learn more and apply: Applications due January 22, 2019