Landscape Architecture

Image of the landscape outside the UC Davis International Center.

Landscape Architecture

Our work and design approach is rooted in our understanding of the campus history, culture and landscape. Continuity, longevity and maintainability are our primary goals as we guide campus site and landscape development.

Staff Responsibilities:

  • Site master planning: designing for connections between projects, guiding site design with campus planning goals and site context and developing a unified landscape character
  • General site design: coordinating circulation, stormwater and landscape infrastructure design with campus patterns, culture and history
  • Bike infrastructure planning: circulation, parking layout and design
  • Stormwater planning and design: coordinating the campus's stormwater management approach with various campus partners including Environmental Health and Safety, the Arboretum and Public Garden
  • Urban forest:  preservation, succession and development
  • Irrigation design and management: designing for maintainability, long-term sustainability and stewardship of the system through the development of a comprehensive campus irrigation GIS database
  • Planting design: design for maintainability/long term sustainability, microclimate adaptability, soil compatibility and drought tolerance
  • Campus standards: maintaining and enforcing all site, irrigation and landscape standards
  • Construction coordination and administration: tree protection, soil quality evaluation, tree selection, site and landscape installation review
  • Partnership project support: coordinating support of landscape projects with academic departments and other campus stakeholders including the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design, Environmental Horticulture, and the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
  • Product evaluation and testing: applying research to design, testing new design strategies and products such as soil structure systems, soil moisture sensors and more.